Advocate Fadzayi Mahere in Covid-19 fundraising Dinner Date

Wedding Bells & Covid-19 fundraising dinner for Advocate Mahere gets overwhelming support

Wedding Bells & Covid-19 fundraising dinner for Advocate Mahere gets overwhelming support, TSTnews reports.

By Liberty Makusha

” Hey, @advocatemahere, You’re the most intelligent and beautiful woman l know. Just figured l’d shoot my shot. Stay amazing,” tweeted neurologist Dr. I. Gwaunza apparently proposing a date to the politician.

He continued:” Here you are Advocate. How many retweets for a date.”

Businessman and philanthropist Freeman Chari offered his weight saying: “l endorse this message. Give a brother a push.”

Advocate Mahere responded: “If you want a dinner date, I challenge you to 2000 retweets.”

Amazingly, the neurologist, Dr Gwaunza got overwhelming support amassing 7,298 retweets and counting.

” The Doctor got more votes than needed such that even @ZECZim can’t rig it,” teased journalist Hopewell Chin’ono.

” Congrats to the Doctor. The peoples vote must count @advocatemahere. Don’t you love it when every vote counts. I am here to defend the people’s votes,” said MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

TSTnews learnt that the initiative was also supported by Cresta Hotels as the company congratulated the doctor for exceeding the 2000 retweets and officially offered to sponsor the dinner date for two after lockdown, requesting for his details to make necessary arrangements for the perfect date.

The Joshua Nkomo Museum also pledged its support for the union, offering a neutral venue for the dinner plus a free tour for inspiration.

Advocate Mahere, a law lecturer, revealed that she once taught former Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere who contributed 500 litres of diesel on behalf of #ZimAgainstCovid-19Trust, expressing her gratitude to the doctor for initiating the fruitful project.

Businessman K. Kamba offered his support saying: “OK, if the good lawyer agrees to go on a date with the neurologist, l will put in a roof-top solar system on any old people’s home or orphanage of their choice.”

“I am just coming home from work and the support l have received from everyone here is humbling. I would like to thank you guys, @advocatemahere this is now bigger than you and l, the people want this as much as l do,” tweeted the elated SA based doctor.

Mahere agreed:” You made it to 4K. I say Yes to this date. Your move now. Thank you for rallying your troops to support the #ZimAgainstCovid-19Trust. Please ask them to keep donating. I will do a photo shoot if they get to 5K. I hope you are amazing as the say you are.”

Now, after the lockdown it’s up to the two ‘love birds’ to tell the nation whether all roads lead to Cresta Hotel or Joshua Nkomo Museum for the dinner date, and who said nothing good comes out of a pandemic?