A National Treasure: Nobody could Monopolise TUKU !!!

Zimbabwe's music legend, the late Oliver Mtukudzi
Zimbabwe's music legend, the late Oliver Mtukudzi

Pre-independence, in 1978 Tuku released ” Ziwere”, a diss song targeted at the Rhodesian army. At a time when guerrilla forces had abandoned forced enlistment of school children into their ranks, the desperate Rhodesian army began to target unsuspecting job seekers in Salisbury’s industrial areas and forcing them to join the army. Ziwere was released in light of that scenario

By Anderson Setumeni.

Upon Independence, Tuku was one of the first to release a song celebrating our victory, called ” Mhandu yakanga yatambarara”.

At the turn of the millennium, Tuku released “Bvuma wasakara” and ” Ndakuvara”, both songs were misinterpreted to be political.

His Norton studio was bombed by overzealous war vets thereafter.

In 2004, when Mai Mujuru was elevated to the presidium, she invited Tuku to her victory celebration in Dotito.

When videos came out of Mai Mujuru dancing and hugging Tuku as he sang “Totutuma\ Nhasi ndezveduwo”, some opposition figures were not pleased and began to mobilize the boycott of his shows.

That call went unheeded because generally, the man shied away from politics and was everyone’s friend.

Nobody could monopolize Tuku.

At Jacob Zuma’s inauguration in 2009, Tuku was the headline act.

On the international scene, UN Goodwill Ambassador Dr Oliver Mtukudzi stood shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Salif Keita, Youssour N’dour, Hugh Masekela, Papa Wemba, Manu Dibango, Ismael Lo, Femi Kuti, Tshepo Tshola and Mory Kante.

To highlight his international stature, the likes of BBC, CNN and Sky have paid tribute to him.

At shopping centres across the country, shops, bottle stores and night clubs have been playing his music continually since yesterday.

Tuku is a Hero and the people of Zimbabwe have already declared him as such. Whether the politburo decides to Accord him national hero status or not, the truth shall remain that he did more for this nation without ever holding a gun.


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