A Dedication to the 16 days of activism against Gender-based Violence


Standing at the apex of the promontory junction.

Undecided yet unnerved by the situation.

Sometimes solitude is not loneliness.

By Cranium Simpleton

You can be lonely within a crowd without.

Just take a look at the one you call a partner.

Consider the prognosis inside everything everywhere.

Closely analyze your Union in matrimony.

Is it not a destruction clothed in false construction?


A distinguished sign of desperation.

Living inside isolation in the name of love is crucification.

Yet the close proximity of freedom yearned for beckons.

Just one person in your life can be a crowd.

How can you escape this maddening crowd?

Instructing you every time everywhere

Never listening to the music and language of your tormented lonely heart

Dreaming for thy freedom come.

Yet in the shelter of the maddening crowd.

You remain lonely but proud Butchered in the name of your gender gingerly tender.

Why not give yourself wings and fly out once again?

Out of danger, torture, plunder and degradation.

Somewhere out there better hands are waiting eagerly.

A dedication to the 16days of activism against gender based violence.

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