Zimbabwe Law works for the Minority

Zimbabwean Judges

By Robson Melassi.

There has been a tendency to substitute the judiciary, the courts, as some form of legitimation instrument when, in fact, they are not…

We look to the courts to fight our battles, and that is a reflection of our failure as civic society.

Constitutionally, the courts are not meant to fight battles for the people, but rather to interpret the law…

In Zimbabwe, we have rather been unfortunate as to have a judiciary that has played an unnecessarily negative and activist role.

The President appoints the top judges, and have, therefore, more frequently witnessed politics influencing the law (Amendment number one bill).

This automatically places the president above the law, hence why his colleagues who have committed serious offences have been pardoned.

This causes a situation whereby the law through corruption will work for minority gains at the expense of the majority.

In other words, this results in a culture of lawlessness.

#return to rule of law and constitutionalism

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