Zim Reconstruction More than Just Lip Service


By Kudzanai Mafunga

A Zimbabwe of tomorrow needs answers that last, including a generation that is willing to provide those answers.

Are politicians now able to bring anything new to Zimbabwe that they have been unable to in the past 38 years?

Is it not time that Zimbabwe now needs professionals such as those in fields like economics to run its affairs?

True, we no longer can afford the business as usual mantra and continue to formulate policies that place Zimbabwe as a commodity for regional and international buyers and then expect the IMF or foreign from far afield as China to later bail us out. It will not work, it has not worked before, nor will it work in the future.

Our responsibility is to charter a pathway; one which is about how we can develop Zimbabwe ourselves.

It is not right for a country like Zimbabwe, 38 years after Independence, to still have its health and education budget being financed on the basis of the generosity and charity of Chinese tax payers. By now we should be able to provide for and to finance our own basic requirements.

If we are going to look at the next 15 to 30 years as a period of transition, then we need to rethink and act quickly.

Zimbabwe is said to be home to about 30% of the world’s most important minerals and is a country of vast arable and fertile soils. It has the youngest population of any countries in the world. It has both the energy and dynamism.

There are millions of these young men just across the Limpopo, in South Africa.

Could such raw energy and talent not be convinced back into the country and put them to productive use?

Zimbabwe needs people who can help resolve the country’s economic jig puzzle and begin to build systems that tell the young people of our country that their hopes and opportunities are here with us.

Migration and movement of people is being presented in a manner which suggests that somehow, it’s the newest trend.

There is nothing new about it, it is as old as man.

The movement of people has always been linked to the same thing, the failure by those back home to proffer own people with opportunities that would allow for a livelihood. Consequently, the young and professionals would then find their way into the diaspora by default, and in search of the somewhat ever elusive and hard to find greener pastures.

Zimbabweans, like Nigerians, are found in almost every country around the world. This is not exactly good for our nation.

We want young Zimbabweans to be in Zimbabwe.

Our leaders need to move away from the dependency syndrome for the sake of posterity. Too much reliance on IMF or China will never work for us.

As Zimbabweans, we need to grow our own economy. We need to promote good governance in all of our strategic institutions, including weeding out corruption. Zimbabwe is not a charity case.

Kudzanai Mafunga is a Youth Advocate and Aspiring Member of Parliament

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