Sexual Predators on Zupco Buses

Traffic Chaos in Zimbabwe
Traffic Chaos in Zimbabwe

The economic meltdown in Zimbabwe has brought to the forefront the ugly face of sexual predators on Zimbabwe’s notorious public transport system. And in an ill-advised bid to ease the citizens with skyrocketing transport fares in Harare, President Mnangagwa’s Government commissioned Zupco and a few private owned buses to offer services to the public at below market prices resulting in excessive demand from the long-suffering masses.

By Kristen Muwani

However; the major downside to this ill-advised move was that it indirectly caused sexual assaults that followed due to the long queues and overloading in those buses. In those situations, women have no private space and for some reason, some men seem to favour to stand behind women and conveniently let their groin come into direct contact with a woman’s behind.

And if a woman complains in those public buses, she is met by a backlash of public humiliation where she is told not to use public transport but to use her own private car. A lot of women in Zimbabwe have been victims of this kind of sexual assault and have felt violated but still kept quiet.

The onus is on Women’s rights organisations and lawmakers in Zimbabwe to take an in-depth look at this major problem of sexual assaults and not only look at public transport but also in other public spaces were women are sexual assaulted and violated. The solution has to be found now rather than later as this has been happening in time immemorial.

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