Rural Folks SOLD Zimbos to the DEVIL

President Mnangagwa and Vice-President Chiwenga
President Mnangagwa and Vice-President Chiwenga

MY heart is BLEEDING!!!

I just realised that all this trouble, all the suffering that I’m going through is a result of some witchcraft sent by relatives from my home, kumusha/ekhaya.

The hopeless, helpless and hapless life is a result of heartless mischief from ekhaya. The unemployment, the bankruptcy, the hypertension, the frequent quarrels with my beloved wife and other isms are all a result of bewitchment that was sent by rural folk.

By Hloliphani Moyo

I am not talking about the goblin kind of witchcraft.


It was neither an enchantment from a cultic shrine nor a random rural ritual.

I am talking about the hex done behind the polling booth on the thirty first of July this year.

I lament the fact that rural folk chose to sell the Zimbabwean soul to the devil.

They betrayed us for thirty pieces of silver….no, thirty kgs of seed.

Out of fear, they gave more years to that which scares them.

The fate of our nation was decided by the least affected. The national leadership was chosen by those who are last and least affected by any economic policy. Bucolic subsistence farmers whose life is mainly affected by the amount of rain that comes, regrettably decided who should make fiscal decisions.

The fate of our nation was decided by the least informed.

Information is what builds a decision yet those that have the least of it made the decision.

They bewitched us.

Now even when we get sick, we don’t have access to proper medication. These rural people indirectly killed those who died on the first of August, those who died of untreated cholera, those who are suffering from malnutrition, hypertension, heart attack inter alia.

The activities of the stock exchange for the next five years are going to be determined by a decision that was largely made by rustic farmers.

No wonder why the USA uses college votes instead of popular vote !

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