LOOTERS should PAY National DEBT

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube
Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube

Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister recently introduced a new economic stabilisation programme titled TSP. The programme has been received with mixed feelings. A small section of the population supports the initiatives, with the rest still sceptical about it.

What makes the programme, so frightening is that we have travelled in this same path before and ended up in failure. Firstly, the public was never consulted about the new taxes and figures to be implemented, including how exactly the money raised is going to be distributed ?

What sort of developmental projects are being earmarked..?

By Themba Ndebele

We have only come to know that the money to be raised is to pay for the national debt the nation has acquired over the years.

The national debt which the rest of us never benefited from.

Surely, we can’t say payment of debt is developmental.

In our case as Zimbabwe, it’s a big NO.

Let the looters who benefitted from national debt pay it back.

The 2c per dollar deduction affects everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are in hospital or in church, it doesn’t discriminate on the basis of age. Students pay, our senior citizens are paying as well and at the end of the day, no one knows where that money is going to.

What developmental programmes is the money funding?

Our people have been squeezed to the extent of having their windpipes blocked.

Government is strangling its people. Taxes in different forms, shapes and types have been thrown into us. Government has found its way into our pockets, fields, businesses and most importantly, it has encroached into our savings.

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