Internet Shutdown signifies a Dictatorship

President Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa

Shutting down the internet is associated with dictatorships.

It is seen as an attempt to shut people’s voices.

By Jennings Rukani.

In Zimbabwe and the world over, most businesses utilise the internet and social media. Therefore, closing down the internet causes irreparable damage to the economy when combined with a Stay Away.

This is because most businesses are now home based and rely on the internet and social media.

The strategy of shutting down internet achieved condemnation, mistrust and contributed to hospital and other deaths as communication for help was cut off.

No investor will come to a country were a President trebles the price of fuel without due process and on the other hand the Security Minister illegally shuts down internet.

Shutting down the internet is not only barbaric, but it signifies a country under a dictatorship were freedom of expression is curtailed and there is no rule law.

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