Chamisa’s One Man race

MDC Alliance Presidential Candidate Nelson Chamisa
MDC Alliance Presidential Candidate Nelson Chamisa

The stage is now set for a bruising battle, come May 2019 when Zimbabweans, and indeed the MDC political outfit confirm their national leadership through a congress.

By Tawanda Munyanyi

While Douglas Mwonzora is being thrown into the fray by both his sympathisers and Zanu PF who probably fear a repeat of the 2018 presidential elections embarrassment in 2023 should Chamisa emerge from the congress, the race at the congress appears explosive, given the historical background in which Douglas Mwonzora scooped the secretary general’s post from underneath Chamisa’s nose through internal party processes.

The ensuing congress, however, spells political uncertainty for the forthwith MDC national secretary general, amid fears that Mwonzora was likely to confront his political waterloo if he takes a decision to throw in his hat and run for party presidency. Chamisa has to date earned confidence from Zimbabweans across the political divide, at least according to attendances at his rallies around the country including the 2018 presidential election outcome, despite contestations and denials by the Zimbabwe’s military junta.

Chamisa’s’ ongoing “Thank You” rallies are a show of political resilience and confirmed confidence in him, a strong factor that his posited political rival, MDC national secretary general Mwonzora will find very heavy and difficult to challenge at the elective congress set for May.

In my view, Mwonzora needs correct and intelligent consultations and decisions yesterday, failure which his political fate in the movement will be history after the May 2019 congress.

Mwonzora is politically not a walk in the park, given his academic and political history and integrity. The MDC has achieved tremendously under his purview as secretary general, and all that is needed now is consolidation and a road map to 2023.

lf there is a need for a leadership change, 2029 would be ideal for him to stand in for the party. Right now; the party simply needs articulate attention and focusing, and not leadership wrangles and fissures that will tend to strengthen Zanu PF.

If Mwonzora is not under any external forces and pressures, I don’t see him failing to construe these political rudiments and if he is conflicted by outside influence, then his political grave is imminent by May 2019.

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