The Solutions Tower is the media component of the Local Solutions Council that analyses and publishes Current Zimbabwe Issues. The Local Solutions Council is the Publisher of the The Solutions Tower. The Local Solutions Council was established on 19 January 2000 and is a non-profit, independent, non-partisan organization established to be a source of solutions to challenges that may face Zimbabwe. It is a think-tank for interested citizens to help them better understand the choices the country faces in building a prosperous future with national interest in mind. Local Solutions Council objectives are : 1) To become Zimbabwe’s leading think-tank, mobilize & source of solutions to national challenges. 2) To influence Zimbabwean stakeholders to hold national interest in high regard. 3) Promote a national culture & environment of democracy ,transparency and accountability. 4) To provide analysis & recommendations for the improvement of the ease of doing business in the country. 5) To provide alternative solutions for uplifting the economically disadvantaged. The Local Solutions Council is the Publisher of The Solutions Tower.